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    • Three Kings – Charcoal

      About This Item The Three Kings Charcoal is considered to be the original quick lighting Hookah Charcoal Brand on the market making supplies for your hookahs. Ordinary charcoals heat the Shisha by the heat coming from the burning of charcoal. This results in uneven heating of the shisha, which requires constantly monitoring the temperature of the charcoal. Manufactured in Holland, Three…

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    • RAW Back Flip Bamboo Rolling Tray

      The RAW Back Flip Bamboo Rolling Tray has carved compartments for all your RAW rolling accessories and more!  The color, form and size depend on the type of wood – all trays are handmade.  The central piece is held together by a strong magnet to allow the tray to be split in half and easily reattached!  The main rolling platform has rounded…

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    • Wismec Neutron RDA

      Product IntroductionNeutron, another RDA designed by JayBo, features its replaceable atomizer base and vortex flow design. Through the optional atomizer base, users can roll the coils in series or in parallel to their preference. The unique vortex flow design of top cap will bring you better flavor and atomizing performance. Also, different vaping experiences will be gotten successfully through the…

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